Draftsman Paint and Daftsman light

Post 1July 19, 2020 in 22:26:32

Will this work with my androig tablet?

Will it work with a windows pen tablet

What is the difference between Draftsman Paint and Draftsman Light? One you pay for and one is free?


Post 2 July 20, 2020 in 19:16:12


Thanks for the questions, I answer in turn.

1. No, android will not work on tablets, since all versions are designed for Windows

2. Yes, the programs are optimized for the touch screen and work on a tablet with Windows

3. Draftman Light version is the 2014 version of the program, it was created for windows 7 / 8.1. The full version is available in the air editions of the light - free and dark - paid version. Differences can be found on the website page.

Draftsman Paint version is a special version of the program for Windows 10, released in 2016 in beta version. It is designed for touch tablets and the principle of working with a drawing is that you can draw objects and the program recognizes them and converts them into geometric shapes.


But I want to note that these programs are no longer supported, as we are working on a modern version and solution.

Thank you for your interest!